VR/AR for Learning and Training


By VRtech

Train Driver Simulator. This is a showcase of machinery operation simulators that trains skills in operating complex machinery without the need for expensive full- scale models. VRTech has built a digital twin of an actual electrical train model including control systems and operational model. Train departure and performance take place in the digital twin of an existing railroad segment, which includes the corresponding landscape and infrastructure elements. The simulator includes an editor that can simulate obstacles on the track and other potentially hazardous situations. The simulator is used by Russian railroad operator to train and evaluate locomotive crews

This project aims to provide efficient vocational training tool for highschool students in sales training. This Virtual Reality (VR) application is compatible with HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Windows desktop and CAVE system. The learner is immersed inside a full realistic shop. Seven activities are available and designed with teachers according to official documents, providing a strong connection with actual lectures in training centers. Teachers are able to edit the context and content of the activities in order to adapt to student's level, thanks to intuitive user interfaces. The application provides several documents such as activity reports, product details or video captures to facilitate the integration of VR in the class before and after VR sessions. It is considered as a new training location and as a complement to conventional training.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM is the first of a kind educational VR experience designed for group visits from schools, summer camps, education centers, and for everyone else who wants to experience how virtual reality makes scientific concepts intuitive and easy to grasp in a collective learning environment. The experience consists of the Educational and Gaming Parts. The Educational Part includes an interactive periodic table depicting composition of all known elements, and the backbone of the experience - a virtual atom maker where students create atoms under the guidance of their teacher, and learn about composition of atoms, particles, and shapes of orbitals. Students can revise and solidify the materials they learned in the gaming part of the experience, where they compete against peers in speed and strategy. Lastly, the experience includes a fun recess level called Knockout.

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VR/AR for Safety and Improvement of Work Environment



Nawo Live is an Ergo Simulation Software for automating and quantifying work station assessments and ergonomic analysis. Based on motion capture technology, the work of the operator is reproduced and recorded on a virtual manikin enriched with ergonomic and biomechanical indicators to estimate postural constraints, efforts and exposure times related to professional activity. Identify the risks associated with MusculoSkeletal Disorder (MSDs) Quantify the strenuousness of professional activities Tool and standardise work station assessments and ergonomic analysis.

Crue Simulator VR is an immersive training in the management of hydraulic structures during floods. On some dams, few agents have had the opportunity to manage a flood, and those who have been confronted are not close to forget it. As a trainee you will have to identify and apply the flood instruction. But, be careful of the events triggered by the trainer! While it is dark and the storm is in full swing, the water level sensor freezes, the power supply from the plant is cut off and the generator is slow to start... You will have to continue to manage the flood and avoid flooding the valley! Will you succeed in overcoming your stress? Under these conditions, 20 minutes is enough to identify your ability to handle the situation!

The "Virtualizer Elite 2" is the first second generation VR locomotion device, that pursues a new path of true innovation. The new concept combines a traditional Virtualier with a 2 DoF Motion Platform in order to make walking in VR intuitive, very easy to learn and less effortful physically. It combines the benefits of a classical Virtualizer, that won it's first Laval Virtual Award in 2014, with an actively powered Omnidirectional Treadmill, by using two motors to actively support the users gait without causing irritations by pulling the floor underneath the users feet. Instead, our new product smartly controls the inclination of the baseplate by a Motion Platform. The inclination ensures that the user does not need to push forward heavily, thus resulting in a very easy and intuitive way to walk, without requiring too much physical effort. Walking in VR just became easier!

VR/AR for Data Visualization & Decision-Making

Trimble Connect


Trimble Connect for mixed-reality is a subscription-based commercial product that utilizes mixed-reality for project coordination, quality and production control. Trimble Connect for mixed reality provides precise alignment of holographic BIM data on the job site, enabling workers to review their models overlaid in the context of the physical environment. With two-way communication to the Trimble Connect cloud, users always have the most up-to-date data on their site, literally. Trimble Connect together with Trimble hard hat accessory for Microsoft HoloLens is the only approved safety solution which enables front-line workers in industries such as construction, O&G, and manufacturing to extend the use of mixed reality to the work environment while complying with safety requirements.

Racine project

By XXII & Enedis

For Enedis Paris, we created and developed a Mixed Reality software on Hololens for data visualisation, to detect and geolocate underground networks. By converting 2D maps into 3D projections, with real-time information and accurate precision, this software allows technicians to perform faster (-25% of time spent on interventions), with more precision (detection < 5 cm) and more reliability, while guaranteeing the network availability. It also allows to differentiate the electricity networks from the other concessionaires' networks. For Enedis, the innovation relies on the real-time availability of the data and information, compared to existing printed files that could take up to 11 days to get updated. The software has been first tested on Paris 17th arrondissement and has, since then, been implemented in all Parisian arrondissements.

The attached project video covers a real estate development project for a residential district in Oslo. Dimension10's collaborative VR solution is used in processes such as design reviews, supplier and architect tender processes, technical consultation and construction planning. Using the VR solution for these processes has helped the project owner simplify achieving aligned design understanding amongst all project partners. Such results are derived from unlocking more information by experiencing 3D models rather than just viewing models on 2D screens. Dimension10 have also enabled multiple project partners to seamlessly meet inside 3D models in true-to-size scale, despite being physically present in different offices. This thereby reduces time spent on organising meetings and traveling. It has also helped increase workflow productivity as project partners can access metadata and BCF files which are often used for decision making on design solutions or construction planning.

VR/AR for productivity

Scaling Enterprise VR

By Innoactive

With more than 600,000 employees and 120 production sites, the Volkswagen Group has an ever-increasing need for daily knowledge transfer and collaboration between its facilities and teams spreading across the globe. Virtual Reality (VR) offers a great potential to the Volkswagen Group as it addresses challenges in the context of employee training as well as simulation and planning in context of work place productivity. The Innoactive Hub, the leading enterprise virtual reality platform enables Volkswagen to bring people and teams from the many corners of the world together in three-dimensional VR spaces, in real time. It produces efficiencies on multiple levels, less time consuming and costly air travel being the obvious. The Innoactive Hub enables collaboration between the Volkswagen brands and locations around the world. Several brands of the Volkswagen Group including Audi, SEAT, Volkswagen and SKODA are on the platform to scale their VR activities across the large enterprise.

PiXYZ Review

By Pixyz Software

"Instantly review any 3D models in VR/AR collaboratively, from a simple drag&drop" PiXYZ REVIEW allows you to easily import a wide range of CAD models from industry-leading solutions (Catia, NX, Solidworks, Alias...), easily handling large and complex assemblies. With PiXYZ REVIEW, interact with your CAD model using manipulation and visualization tools (cutting plane, measurement, explode, PMI, snapshots...) for a desktop use. Also, instantly switch to a powerful VR mode for an immersive and interactive experience with a VR headset (grab your product, visualize PMI, set kinematics...). Finally, collaborate easily with your coworkers thanks to an easy-to-use Collaboration mode. PiXYZ REVIEW helps companies multiply scenarios and facilitate decision-making, enhancing and speeding up design workflows, reducing time-to-product and cost, and increasing ROI.

Dassault Systemes is a well known company developping CATIA, a CAD software for engineers but also designers. Natural Sketch is part of CATIA and allows designers in various industries (automotive, consumer goods and many more) to create 3D Sketches using a graphic tablet. But, what if Creativity was no more constrained by a 2D support? Could you imagine sketching at scale one, freely, in context, using the power of Natural Sketch technology? We now provide a VR sketching application addressing two of our customers' main use-cases: - Propose a new way for creative designers to ideate directly in 3D by sketching freely increasing their productivity. - Provide a new collaboration tool for design teams to brainstorm and take decisions in 3D. Fully integrated in CATIA, designers can seamlessly switch between VR ideation and more classical desktop modeling tools allowing complete digital continuity and reducing iteration time in the design process

VR/AR for Marketing & Sales

We designed the skywise mixed reality scenario to give customers the opportunity to experience how Airbus’ skywise product can support an airline at every step in their customer journey. From passenger boarding, in flight data transferring to the ground and even an AR aircraft drone inspection. We give the customer a glimpse into the future of Airbus aircraft powered by skywise.



Avec le logiciel d’aide à la vente InodView, unique sur le marché, les clients de INOD deviennent autonomes pour tous leurs projets. Ils importent leurs modèles 3D issus de leur bureau d’études, modifient l'aménagement, la décoration et partage instantanément en réalité virtuelle et visite virtuelle Web. Commercialisé et exploité, le logiciel InodView apporte des bénéfices sur l’efficacité commerciale de ses utilisateurs (constructeurs de maisons individuelles, architectes, agenceurs...). Un indicateur clé : +50% sur le taux de transformation. Aù-delà de ces enjeux commerciaux, le logiciel est simple et rapide à utiliser, permettant donc de pouvoir l'utiliser couramment sans générer plus de temps de travail. InodView est accessible à toute entreprise, y compris aux TPE, grâce à une offre packagée en location financière intégrant le matériel (PC + casque) et le logiciel. L'ensemble est disponible à partir de 299 € / Mois. Leurs clients ne pourront plus dire "Je ne voyais pas ca comme ca".



How would you launch worldwide a new ceramic material that is tremendously expensive to move?? An artificial material with the inspiration of nature. A material that small details make big differences. A material that can be used in daily life and in art sculptures A material that can be translucent, if desired. This project was an efficiency improvement (not to mention carbon footprint) as well as a Marketing CHALLENGE. You are right: VR & renowned artist Artist Arik Levy, based in France. We created a new non-existing space, where you can enjoy this new material: FEELING it as it was real. You can have a general overview of the space, take a close glance of the finishes, and even INTERACT with its translucent features. This project made and updated for COMPAC (http://en.compac.es/) a leading company in Europe offering high quality decorative surfaces, since 1975.

VR/AR for a Cause

The Mont Saint-Michel

By Holoforge Interactive

The Musee des Plans-Reliefs in Paris is partnering with Microsoft, HoloForge Interactive, and Iconem to create “The Mont Saint-Michel: Digital perspectives on the model,” a HoloLens experience celebrating French culture and innovation. The goal of the exhibit is to use mixed reality technology in a way that empowers the Musée des Plans-Reliefs to unlock a more vital kind of storytelling.

HERO (2018 VR Verite experience)

By 2018 VR Verite experience

This powerfully immersive, large-scale, multi-sensory installation explores humanity in our modern era of civilian warfare. When everyday life is disrupted by a barrel bomb falling from the sky, provoking a profound crisis in this vérité virtual-reality experience, only connection among humans can inspire hope, and participants must embark on a visceral hero’s journey.



"Bliss" is a medical device developed for and with patients to facilitate the management of stress, pain and depression of the patient. Bliss is using Virtual Reality in order to reduce uses of analgesics/anesthetics during painful or anxiogenic cares. At this time we are working on 2 mains areas : Health: healthcare professionals use it to manage the physical pain of their patients as an alternative to conventional anesthesia methods, during painful acts or in an anxiety-provoking situation. They can also use it as a relaxation solution in the treatment of mental illnesses, such as depression. At work: "Bliss" can be part of improvements for Quality of Working Life (QWL). Our application is adapted to the prevention of psycho-social risks. Through our virtual reality programs, employees can enjoy a time of relaxation and this time allows them a real recovery. Then employees can be more efficient during their working time.